After many years teaching in LA, Wendy Goldman brings her much-loved Improv for Writing workshops to New York. Wendy’s deep understanding of the creative process, background in improvisational theater and knowledge as a professional writer make her an ideal teacher for anyone interested in developing their craft. Wendy’s classes are a fun and supportive environment where ideas can flourish without risk. Especially designed to appeal to writers from any discipline, novice to experienced, students are encouraged to learn and grow at their own pace.

Plus, there are snacks.

Improv for Writing

Want to write something new and unexpected? This workshop uses improv writing games to inspire creativity. 

Remember the sense of freedom you had as a kid when you were making stuff up with your friends? There were no rules, no limits. Improv can help get you back in touch with that playful part of yourself and silence the inner critic. It can inform the way you write and develop characters, as well as help you find your unique voice.  

For those who feel you have a writer inside, or just want to explore writing, this class is ideal. For professional writers, it’s an opportunity to have fun and connect with why you wanted to write in the first place. 

Nothing to prepare. No homework. No performing. The class is intended to be light, deep, serious, funny, whatever the moment calls for. It is process oriented rather than results oriented. But the short pieces you create could be the seeds of longer projects you never dreamed of writing. A play? Novel? Memoir? Screenplay? When you let go of the reins, no telling how you’ll surprise yourself.

Care to play? 


“Improv for Writing is a constant thrill ride of a writing adventure that starts as you step in the room and lets you out only when the last prompt is over.”
• Kathy Katims, fiction and creative non-fiction writer

If you have the opportunity to work with Wendy Goldman, take it. She’s so incredibly insightful —there is no writing instructor I would recommend more highly. A+”
• Stefan Counts, advertising copywriter/comedy writer

“Wendy Goldman is a gifted writer and a generous, witty, and inspirational teacher. She draws from a deep well of wisdom about the writing process, and she sets up a safe space for writers to engage in playful, fierce, and liberating creative work.” 
• Audrey Bilger, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Pomona College, Faculty Director of the Center for Writing & Public Discourse, Claremont McKenna College