Word on the Street


Some kind words from Wendy's clients...

“I had just come off of a challenging staff job filled with criticism and disapproval. There was a project I was excited about, but I struggled with doubt. Wendy was the perfect antidote to my shaken creative confidence. She felt like an anchor, tethering me to the core emotional story I set out to tell. That pilot script went to series and lasted for three seasons. Much of its success, longevity, and existence is owed to Wendy, and I am deeply grateful. I continue to work with her to this day.” 
• Carter Covington, TV Writer/Showrunner (Charmed, Faking It, 10 Things I Hate About You)

“When I met Wendy Goldman, I was working on an early draft of my memoir and was struggling to find my voice. The material was dark and risky and I was having a hard time finding my way past my fear. Wendy tailored prompts and exercises to help me get straight to the soul of the material. Miraculously, she did it with brilliant humor, warmth, and an unflappable commitment to me and my story. I doubt I could've gotten there without her.” 
• Fredrika Sprengle, fiction and creative non-fiction writer, educator

“Wendy Goldman has helped me countless times. The writing process is a tricky one, and sometimes I get overwhelmed, frustrated and feel like I'm just lost. Whenever I feel that way I call Wendy. She thoughtfully reads my draft and then talks me out off the ledge. Not only does she bring a ton of experience as a writer to the table, but she also has a way of making you feel like the world is not ending, and there is a fix to your story.” 
• Niki Schwartz-Wright, TV Writer-Producer (Speechless, The Grinder, The Goldbergs) 

"The creative process can be so mercurial and Wendy has helped me embrace that - leading me in and to seemingly simple (but oh so fertile) writing exercises that have freed me up to encounter and open doors in my mind I didn't know were locked, doors I didn't know existed, and even those doors I know I don't want to open. All doors, once stepped through, have been key to finding a new focus and courage in my writing practice. Wendy works with great intuition and care; work with her if you want to feel supported and encouraged. And also if you like to laugh, she is fantastically funny. " 
• Elizabeth Hansen, essayist, memoirist


Some kind words about Wendy's workshops...

“Improv for Writing” remains my very favorite workshop ever. Wendy’s class is a constant thrill ride of a writing adventure that starts as you step in the room and lets you out only when the last prompt is over, its echoes staying with you giving you creative courage as you go back to your own writing projects. The writing experiments were fresh, arresting, exciting––sparking new ideas and pushing me into uncharted territory. They built a bridge for me between memoir and fiction and emboldened me to take risks and surprise myself. When it was over, I felt spent, like after great sex. I felt deeply satisfied, but wanted more.” 
• Kathy Katims, fiction and creative non-fiction writer

“Wendy Goldman is a gifted writer and a generous, witty, and inspirational teacher. When I brought Wendy to my school to facilitate a workshop on writing comedy for television, she had students leaning forward in their seats, eager to try out exercises that stretched their imaginations and took their writing to new heights. Watching the session from the sidelines made me want to be one of her students, and so I signed up for an “Improv for Writing” class with her and absolutely loved it. She draws from a deep well of wisdom about the writing process, and she sets up a safe space for writers to engage in playful, fierce, and liberating creative work.” 
 Audrey Bilger, VP for Academic Affairs and Dean of Pomona College, Faculty Director of the Center for Writing & Public Discourse, Claremont McKenna College

If you have the opportunity to work with Wendy Goldman, take it. I took Goldman’s class “Improv for Writing” and it was a creative shot in the arm. I had spent 18 years writing in advertising before taking the class, so my sense of my own voice was just about gone. She’s so incredibly insightful about the writing traps people fall into; I never had a stumble she wasn’t able to walk me through. I’ve taken A LOT of writing classes and workshops, and there is no writing instructor I would recommend more highly. A+” 
• Stefan Counts, advertising copywriter/comedy writer