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Working with you, one-on-one

No matter how much you love to write, or how successful or respected you are in your field, the act and art of writing remains a constant and sometimes elusive challenge. From the weight of self-doubt to the fear of coming up short in ideas, few artists face the beginning of a project without some trepidation. The cursor blinks.

But maybe you’re deep into a piece and feel that your characters aren’t dimensional enough, or your storyline is running flat. You want to hash things out with someone who can assess and advise, help you tear it all apart and then stand by you as you carefully build it back. It’s going to be an emotional and heady ride. You’re ready to go there, though. It’s time.

Of course, it’s your agenda to set

Wendy Goldman is an experienced coach who has been helping writers develop their voice for many years. Her clients include authors of fiction and non-fiction, journalists, screenwriters, TV writers and producers, playwrights, actors and directors. Wendy is skilled at determining where a client is in their process and custom-tailors the collaborative experience to help you achieve your goals. An astute listener, Wendy knows when to nudge and when to be gentle – developing the kind of trust that invites clients to return again and again. Whether she’s working with you to sort through a specific problem or longer-term on a more extensive work, Wendy brings an assured hand and empathetic ear to writers at any phase of their careers. 

Intrigued? Get started with a free 20-minute phone consultation. 

After that, you and Wendy will work together in person, or by phone or Skype. Although based in NYC, she consults with clients worldwide. Scheduling is flexible. No charge for email consulting between sessions. All conversations and communications are completely confidential.  You own and retain copyright to any material discussed and ideas generated during sessions.

Writing can feel like such a solitary pursuit. It doesn’t have to be. 

Fees on request • Hourly rates or packages available


”Wendy understands that any story should take its characters and the audience on a rewarding emotional journey. But her true gift is helping writers find themselves in their stories, so that they are told with more truth, passion, and humor. Many times I have been lost in a sea of notes and Wendy has masterfully helped me navigate through them while staying true to myself and my vision."
• Carter Covington, TV Writer/Showrunner (Charmed, Faking It, 10 Things I Hate About You)

“...She works with you on your writing, but also works with your mindset as a writer. Her creative instincts are spot on, but her real gift is being able to help you focus and draw out what you want to say. Can’t recommend her enough!
• Robin Schiff, screenwriter (Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion)

“The creative process can be so mercurial and Wendy has helped open doors in my mind I didn't know were locked. She works with great intuition and care; work with Wendy if you want to feel supported and encouraged."
• Elizabeth Hansen, essayist, memoirist

“When I met Wendy, I was working on an early draft of my memoir and was struggling to find my voice. Wendy helped me get to the soul of the material and did it with brilliant humor, warmth, and an unflappable commitment to me and my story.”
• Fredrika Sprengle, fiction and creative non-fiction writer, educator